How To Build An Adirondack Chair

Ya Know…nothing says lakefront cottage better than a couple adirondack chairs on the front deck overlooking the lake. These are the chairs that symbolize cottage country and the cottage life style.

You can buy adirondack chairs in hundreds of places and in several designs, but you can also make your own adirondack chairs. Not only is that cheaper, it’s waaaay cooler to tell your friends they are sitting in a chair you made yourself. (most of my friends would prefer to stand, but that is another story)

If you are at all handy, even just a little bit, you can make your own adirondack chairs for the cottage, make some for your friends cottage too, maybe even make a few and sell them for a tidy profit. Some time ago I had hatched a plan to get my buddy Doug to make adirondack chairs and have Wendy sell them, but unfortunately they both caught on to my plan….

However. If you want to make your own adirondack chairs, Popular Mechanics shows you how to make an adirondack chair and a table too, in this post: How To Build An Adirondack Chair and Table: Simple DIY Project

Muskoka Chair vs Adirondack Chair

While we are on the subject of adirondack chairs, did you know that they are also called Muskoka chairs? Did you know that there might be a difference between the two? Want to know more? You can read about it here: Adirondack or Muskoka? Is there a difference….

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