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From time to time we receive comments and emails from our readers. And from time to time we don’t. So here is the thing….we’d love to hear from you. Absolutely love to hear from you…yes…I mean YOU.
me and wendy and nan
I know you are out there because I have a statistics counter and I know you read The Cottage Chronicles, at least from time to time.

But we’d like to know more. Inquiring minds and all that. We’d really appreciate it if you popped off an email, or perhaps left a comment, tell us about yourself and maybe a little more.

For example, and to make this easy, how about answering some or all of the following:

Do you currently have a camp or cottage.

If you have a camp where is it?

What types of things/activities do you do at your camp? (fish, swim, stargaze, boat, off road campfires, woodworking projects, drink copious amounts of liquor and sleep? etc etc)

If you don’t have a camp are you planning on purchasing one?

What kinds of stories and or information would you like to find here on The Cottage Chronicles?

Do you have a dog? Cat? Gerbil? Goldfish? Tame Raccoon? Tame skunk?

Do you currently live at your camp? Use it only on weekends? Plan to live there someday?

Do you have a boat? pontoon boat? kayak? rubber truck inner tube?

How can we improve The Cottage Chronicles?

Do you have any pictures or stories you want to submit?

Do you want to win a prize?

Would you like a million dollars in small unmarked bills?

You get the idea because you are smarter than the average cottager. It’s why you read The Cottage Chronicles and why we love ya. You don’t have to answer all our questions, but you can if you want. You can remain anonymous or not, it’s up to you. You can also ignore all the questions above and send in something different. It’s up to you. How often do you get an offer like that?

And…who knows, there might even be prizes involved in this. Time will tell. Tell us your best cottage story or any story, I won’t promise to publish everyone, but I will promise to publish some and I will definitely promise to read them all.

So what are you waiting for? Please let us know how we’re doing and a little about yourself. You can email me directly at rdares@hotmail.ca or leave a comment below. It’s your choice.

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