Firewood Caddy

Landmann Log Caddy

Ya know, like any other sensitive, caring man, I like to do things to make life easier for my wife. It’s the little things that women really appreciate. I know most of the guys reading this completely understand what I mean, given that they too are always doing something nice to make their wives lives not only easier, but pleasant.

For example, I am thinking about buying Wendy one of these Landmann log caddies to make it easier for her to bring firewood out of the woodlot to the wood pile and from the wood pile into the house for burning.
I know she is going to love it, so much easier on her back and….she will only have to make one or two trips max to have enough firewood to keep us warm through the upcoming chilly Spring nights at the cottage.

Buy one for your best girl here: Landmann USA 82427 Log Caddy with Cover, Black

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