Canadian Tire

How would you feel if you were shopping in your local grocery store and you come to the meat counter. The steaks are behind glass at the counter.

You wait until a staff person arrives, tell him you would like those four T-Bones in the middle.

He says, “Are you finished your shopping?”


“OK, I will walk these t-bones up to the front of the store where you can pay for them.”

Doesn’t happen does it? Even if those steaks cost $30 or more dollars. How about at the liquor store, where a 40 ounce bottle can cost well over $50?

Well, it’s probably coming to a store near you soon.

I have ranted about this before, so forgive me, but I am going to rant about it again. At Canadian Tire Corporation they consider you first a thief, second a customer. That’s my opinion of how it feels should you want to buy something from behind any of their glass cabinets.

IF during your visit to Canadian Tire you can find a staff person to assist you, in other words, unlock the cabinet, and should you decide to purchase the item, they don’t allow you to carry it to the front of the store checkout.

Oh no…the Canadian Tire staff person says, “Is there any other shopping you have to do today” and if you say no, they walk you to the checkout. If you say yes, they take it to the checkout and leave the item there until you are ready to pay for it as you leave.

Because….you dear reader and yours truly, are thieves, or a potential thieves in their eyes. That’s why they keep the stuff locked up, because apparently you and I are stealing the great Canadian Tire Corportation blind, one pair of binoculars at a time.

To be fair, I understand that Canadian Tire and other retail stores lose a lot to theft, shoplifting and internal theft. It happens, more than it should and despite all kinds of measures to stop it, it still happens. And I understand the Canadian Tire store’s reluctance to make it any easier on the thieves.

However…that doesn’t the negate the feeling you are left with as an honest, paying customer and I take it, (perhaps because I am too sensitive) as a slap in the face from Canadian Tire.

The Canadian Tire store staff may as well look you in the eye and say, “I will hang onto this until you pay for it because you look shady to me.”

The problem is, we have become used to it. We are too understanding, too quick to sympathize with the poor millionaire store owners who are losing money to thieves, so we smile and say “No problem, I don’t mind that you consider me a possible thief.”

If having the $49.99 binoculars stolen is such a frequent activity,

Put a cash register and staff person in the Sports Department to ring it in immediately or;

Put the items that are a shoplifting worry in cabinets at the front of the store so that the customer can purchase the item and leave or;

Put bar code security tags on all the items.

As far as I am concerned, Canadian Tire Corporation consider me and everyone else a shoplifter-thief first and customer second.

From now on I will not be shopping at Canadian Tire Stores or anywhere else that has the above as a business practice.

No wonder folks are turning to online shopping.

What do you think? Am I too sensitive? Or am I right in feeling the way I do?

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One thought on “Canadian Tire”

  1. No Rob, you are not too sensitive. In fact, my experience with you suggests you might actually be a very insensitive b–tard.