5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Boat

So you’re thinking about buying a boat. Well I ran across a post at The Allstate Blog that provides some questions to ask yourself before you buy a boat. Not only ask these questions, but be able to answer them too. Read their post here: 5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Boat

To their 5 questions I would ask a few more:

6. Where are you going to use the new boat? Do you have access to and from that body of water?

7. Where will you store your new boat? In the off season and in boating season?

8) Is the boating season in your particular locale long enough to justify the purchase. Depending on the boat you decide to buy, the purchase price and taxes can run into the 10’s of thousands.

9) Will your family use the boat or join you on it? Kids are often excited about the idea of a boat but other things get in the way of them wanting to spend their weekends boating.

10) Have you obtained your boating licence?

Boating License

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