Sun Tracker Pontoon Boat

On a cold winter’s day it is nice to look at videos of boats…in this case a Sun Tracker Pontoon Boat.

There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about cruising your cottage lake on a pontoon boat, beats the heck out of cruising your cottage lake on a snowmobile…well at least it’s usually a warmer time of year.

No other boat let’s you party and gives you the smooth ride and comfort of a pontoon boat, you can walk around, laze on a couch, fish, even barbecue, it’s a pretty decadent life.

This is the Suntracker 22 footer, a lovely pontoon boat with lot’s of features:

Did you enjoy that? Feeling in the Sun Tracker pontoon boat kind of mood? Well here is another one, just look how much fun these folks are having, how carefree life is aboard a pontoon boat.

Sun Tracker make a full range of pontoon boats with options and features that will make you happy. At least I think so…they seem to make me happy…of course I am easily made happy….

Of course even if you are not buying a pontoon boat, it’s still fun to dream and think about them, besides, Sunny Ledford has a pontoon boat song that gets to the heart of pontoon boats.

Ah what the heck, you read this far, here is one more pontoon boat video.

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