Suncast Alpine Shed

If you are considering adding some storage space to your cottage or camp, have you considered an separate outbuilding, storage shed? An outside storage shed is a helpful addition to any home or cottage, providing space for bicycles, lawn mowers, garden tools and just about anything that you need to store until you need it.

The size of storage shed you buy or the shed you build, depends on your budget, available room in your yard, applicable zoning laws in your neighborhood and of course, what you plan to use it for.

With that in mind, here is a nice looking storage shed that is not only practical, it’s a nice looking unit that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to maintain.
"storage shed"
This is the Suncast BMS8000 7-1/2-Feet by 10-1/2-Feet Alpine Shed

Suncast’s Alpine Shed is constructed from 1-1/2-inch thick double wall construction made from durable blow molded resin. The Suncast storage shed has 14 windows with contrast trim and robust double doors with articulating metal hardware. The sturdy floor of this storage shed features extra reinforcement in tractor wheel areas. The metal trusses and ridge beam provide roof support.

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