Trail Camera Pics In The Backyard

These days I am not at the cottage as often as I like, but I’m busy tracking the wildlife in my urban backyard, something that so far has proven to be a little bit disappointing, unless you are a cat lover. There seems to be an abundance of cats roaming the neighborhood, leaving me to conclude that the coyote population, at least in my end of town, is not as high as it once was. The cats seem to be able to move around with impunity, day and night, and it is often the same ones, one of which, the looks to be an old fella.

Here are a couple of pics taken recently with my Wild Game Innovations Digital Scouting Camera with FlexTime Technology, 2.0-Megapixel

trail 015
It seems our backyard is a popular place for cats to stroll. We had some raccoons, but they appear to be camera shy, unlike the cats, who I believe, like having their picture taken.
trail 016

This last picture, snapped by the cam just before dawn, appears to be a cat, or maybe two cats, I am not sure, it may be a cat moving fast.
trail 019

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