In this time of global climate change and extreme weather, are you worried about natural disasters, say for example, floods and high water conditions at the camp? Well, you worries might be over.
If you go to bed at night wondering if you will wake up to a flooded camp, you need a floating Seal Ander!! I am not sure of the exact spelling of these, as their website shows it written in a couple of forms, but from what I can tell, it is a “Sealander” although in places it is written as Sea Ander and even Sea Anderson. No matter, the name is not a big deal. What you can do with this travel trailer is a big deal.
Yup, you can travel pretty much anywhere with one of these travel trailers. These trailers are made in Germany.
The shell of the Sealander is made in one piece using fiber composite technology (CSF) This allows for the manufacture of a trailer with dimensional stability.
The Seal Ander has a double bottom with single closed air chambers which prevent the ingress of water even in the event of a leak, making your floating trailer virtually unsinkable. Yup, the water can come up overnight, and you will be floating, almost like a waterbed.

Just make sure you check whether you are on land or water before you step out of your Seal Ander floating travel trailer in the morning.

Check out the Sealander website for more information and pictures here: Sealander It’s a German company, but you can translate the page. These travel trailers will be on the market in 2012.

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