National Geographic

In my previous post I wrote about magazine subscriptions as Christmas gifts, predominately magazines with an emphasis on cottage and outdoor activities. But that had me thinking, and I realized that I was overlooking what I consider to be one of the most informative and interesting magazines available today – National Geographic

As a young fella, I was lucky enough to have a family friend provide me with an annual gift of National Geographic for several years. My teachers probably won’t appreciate hearing this, but I believe I learned more about the world from twelve issues of National Geographic than I did from twelve years of school.

National Geographic is the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society. The magazine chronicles exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. Editorial coverage encompasses people and places of the world, with an emphasis on human involvement in a changing universe.

Major topics include culture, nature, geography, ecology, science and technology. It’s all there folks, with great writing and photography. These make great reading at home or the cottage. I still read through some of the old issues I have kicking around.

These days I have found that in addition to National Geographic, I enjoy reading through a copy of Canadian Geographic magazine. I don’t have a subscription, but I love to read it at the magazine rack in the grocery store while Wendy gets the groceries….

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