Glamping With Mary Jane (and Sandee)

I received an email today from a fellow cottager and one of our neighbors at the lake, Sandee. Sandee has pointed out, and rightly so, that not all cottagers and campers are rugged handsome guys like me, some are hot women, who like to enjoy the cottage while still maintaining their “hotness” If that’s you, Sandee has recommended an excellent book to help you “glampers” Here is her letter:

Hi Rob, it’s me, Sandee, one of your neighbours from the lake. As you may well know I enjoy your web site for it’s valuable information.

While all of us are different style campers and I have spent a few decades at the camp enjoying the outdoors from first learning to row a boat at about four, to getting my first punt and my first 2 horsepower motor at about ten.

Many of my happiest memories were spent with friends playing and seeking adventure at the camp.

As I grew older, and possibly eve a little wiser, I have grown, developed and changed as a person. I’m no longer the Tom boy running over the rocks at the shoreline chasing frogs, or maybe they were toads, who knows, maybe I’m not the wiser.

Today I arrive after work on Friday night in a dress and four inch heels.

I have a 43 foot trailer with a walk-in closet. I’m not a “roughing it” kind of gal. Roughing it for me was picking out the only RV without a dishwasher and central vac, but it’s the camp, so one expects to suffer a little. You get the picture.

I’m a girlie girl who thinks everything looks better with a ruffle, bow or sparkle on it.

Well Rob, occasionally you recommend excellent books on your site. I found one. I was lucky enough to get the perfect Christmas gift for me. I got a book on camping, or rather “Glamping”.

That’s Glamour and Camping. Written by MaryJane Butters, Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping is the perfect girlie camping book , with chapters on winterizing, safety, types of trailers, and also how to glam up your trailer with quilted propane tank covers, recipes for camping appetizers and cocktails, and how to be a great hostess in your recreational trailer.

We are not all hardy campers like you Rob, (editors note: Sandee did not include Alleghany Al and Lonesome Larry as in the hardy camper category) I just wanted to share my excellent Glamping book, I think I will pour myself a cocktail, put on my warm spa slippers and read this book cover to cover.

There ya go girls and Lonesome Larry, if you want to order a copy of this book, here is the link to Amazon, Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping

Editors Note #2: This must be a good book, I happened upon Lonesome Larry laying in his hammock last summer reading this, the next day, Alleghany Al was hanging new curtains with valances in the windows of his camp. He said Larry had gone to buy some ribbons to tie them back.
window dressing

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