Antique Wood Beams

Are you looking for some lovely old antique boards to do the floor at the cottage? Perhaps some old hand hewn beams to accent a room? Well look no further than West Lincoln Barnboards and Antique Flooring Inc.

These folks specialize in antique wood that might just be exactly what you are looking for to dress up the cottage or lakefront home.

Their website intro says it best of all, the are “Specialists in reclaimed antique wide plank flooring, recycled from historic buildings, built in and around the turn of the century. Compliment your flooring with our hand hewn beams, antique weathered siding and rustic wood panelling, custom cabinetry, mantle pieces, or custom furniture”
For example, the hand hewn beams I mentioned. They come in sizes 4″ to 14″ These beams are available in pine, hemlock and all hardwoods, they have nail holes and even some nails, and some pockets notched into the sides.

But they also have “worm tracks, wear distress, insect and other scars and will have nail holes and some nails, some pockets notched into the sides – but mostly clear worm tracks, wear distress, insect and other scars.”

This is the kind of stuff that sets your cottage apart from the others and done right, can make a place look very nice, while recycling some great old lumber. Who doesn’t like the look of old barnboards on the wall or even the floor?

The good news is, they say they will “ship anywhere” so I guess if you want their wood, it’s possible to get it no matter where you are.

Visit their website to learn more and see some of the great antique wood products they have available, you can find them here: West Lincoln Barnboards and Antique Flooring Inc.

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