If you have camp or cottage that is mostly boat access, such as on an island or lake without a road to the camp, you know that there are times of the year when getting to the camp can be a challenge, if not almost impossible. I am talking mostly about the late Fall and early Spring when the ice is too thick for a boat to get through but not strong enough for walking on or four wheeling etc.

All is not lost. All you need is an airboat !!! Yup an airboat will get you where you want to go regardless of ice thickness or water. Seeing an airboat in action makes me wonder why we don’t all have one. Imagine being able to go on the water or on the ice in your boat.

Want one? Check these out at 1000 Island Airboats They have 15 footers up to 23 footers and engine sizes from 330-502Hp.

You might be the first on your cottage lake to have an airboat but you won’t be the last.

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