Leaf Blower Review

Frequent readers like….well…you…will recall that I recently acquired a Yardworks electric leaf blower. Actually a leaf blower mulcher vacuum.

I have played with the Yardworks electric leaf blower a bit since I got it, but today I gave it a good workout on the fallen leaves in our driveway and backyard.

I am not particularly impressed with leaf blowers. They look like they are going to make you life easy when it comes to dealing with leaves however….

First of all, the bloody leaf collection bag is so darn small that it fills up within minutes, maybe less than minutes, maybe seconds. Then it is not all that easy to empty, as the zipper on the bag doesn’t want to work very well when the bag is full. So you suck up a bag full of leaves in no time, then wrestle to empty it. And the bag is very difficult to remove from the blower.

The leaf blower function is OK, if your goal is to blow the leaves over on the neighbors lawn or out on the street. Otherwise, it is useful for blowing leaves out from behind steps, under the picnic table etc, places where it is hard to get with a rake.

The “mulcher” function works, sort of, it does manage to mulch about half the leaves that it sucks up, the rest come through fully intact, which is not the effect you are after.

Eventually I removed the leaf collection bag altogether and just sucked the leaves through the mulcher letting the shredded bits come out on the ground, where they will act as mulch. Because it didn’t seem to mulch all the leaves in one shot, I had to go back over the areas several times.
alt="leaf blower"
When all was said and done I figure I could have probably raked and bagged most of the leaves in less time than it took me to mulch them. If I had of continued using the leaf collection bag I would still be working at it.

That said, raking is harder work than blowing leaves around, and the mulch function is good in terms of putting the leaves back into the ground and hastening their decomposition. I would have liked it better if the mulch function had of mulched a bit better though.

Be that as it may, I can still see where an inexpensive leaf blower like this one from Yardworks is a handy addition to the tool shed. A leaf blower is great for blowing leaves and debris out from under the camp where they tend to accumulate and raking is almost impossible.

I guess I would say an electric leaf blower is one of those tools that is nice to have, but not necessary to have.

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