I Bought A Leaf Blower

Thanks perhaps to good old global warming, I have noticed the leaves on the hardwood trees seem to be hanging on a little longer than usual around here, which is nice. However, eventually, global warming or not, those leaves are going to fall and when they do, I am prepared…

“Why Rob?” You ask, as you always do, “Why are you prepared?”

Well dear reader, because I went out tonight and bought an electric leaf blower from the finest of Canadian retail institutions, Canadian Tire.

Bless their hearts at Canadian Tire, they had a leaf blower on sale for $79.99. Apparently we got the last one, because it was the one on display. I’m OK with that, saved me from having to assemble it, which we all know is seldom good.

So I managed to convince Wendy that unfortunately I was broke, penniless and this was the last leaf blower they had, and it was priced at a great “price point”. Which is the current sales term for “price”.

So, considering I am broke, and we are really going to need one of these when the extra heavy crop of leaves finally falls on the yard, and because she loves me, Wendy said, “OK, I will pay for it and you can pay me back.”

I love it when a plan comes together…

“Of course I will pay you back honey, you know me, I pay my debts.”

“Yeah I know you.” Wendy replied, “That’s what makes me so sure I am making a mistake here.”

“It’s only $79.99 plus tax.” I said, “It’s a great deal, who knows when we might get one at this price again.” I said, smiling.

“I didn’t know we needed one until now” said Wendy, “And I still don’t.”

“Well we do.” I replied, keeping my smile going, ramping it up to Extra Charm, a smile setting I save for the really important stuff.

“Well, OK.” my loving wife agreed, “OK, but I get the Canadian Tire points and you will pay me back.”

“Of course.” I said, “Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I will pay you back.”

“Uh-huh” nodded Wendy as we headed out the door to the van, I was skipping merrily along behind her until she turned back and caught me.

I managed to add in a can of WD-40, can of Garage Door Lubricant and two C flashlight batteries when we got to the checkout at Canadian Tire.

When Wendy gave me the look as I placed the other items in the cart beside the leaf blower I smiled and said, “What? Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay you back.”

So, long story short, I now have an electric leaf blower, that is also a leaf mulcher, that is also a leaf vacuum.

Now here is the best part…My dear Mother, upon hearing that I bought a leaf blower-mulcher-vacuum said, “Good for you, I will buy that for you, a gift from your Mother to you.”

Before I could disagree she was writing me a cheque for the full amount.

Wendy seldom reads these posts to the end, so she doesn’t know I have the money and haven’t paid her back yet….shhhh….

OK, one last word of advice. If you happen to purchase a new leaf blower some evening you are going to be eager to try it out. I was. So when we got home I went downstairs to the dusty cement basement/cellar in my Mom’s 62 year old house, plugged in my shiny new leaf blower and cranked it up to “Blow-High” and pointed it at a pile of dust on the floor….

Never do that…..trust me….

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