Fall Lament

As I finally suck up and mulch the last of the hardwood leaves that have fallen on the ground today I certainly notice a change in the air. It’s getting colder….

Yup, it’s time to start convincing yourself that you lovedown hill skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and wearing long underwear etc.

I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking, “But I do love the winter, the crisp cold mornings, the ground covered in a pure white blanket of snow, a chance to head off to the ski lodge for a weekend of sliding down a hill dodging trees and other skiers….etc etc.

We all do it round about this time of year, those of us in the North that is. We all start to convince ourselves that we love the change of seasons, the variety of being able to stand where just months ago we would have to swim.

Exchanging lightweight flip flops for a sturdy pair of insulated boots, shorts and t-shirts exchanged for sweaters and parkas…and long underwear….we love it.

I dunno about you, but the deeper we get into winter, the more ice I have to scrape from the windshield or snow to shovel from the driveway, and I start to feel sorry for the folks who live “down south”. Imagine having to change a nice pair of cosy insulated pants for board shorts. How gauche….

It must get boring never having an opportunity to ride in a car as it slides sideways on ice, or having the life experience of pre-frostbitten fingers and toes. You always feel so darn good when your fingers get warmed up, much like you feel when the sliding car finally comes to a stop safely.

Let’s face it, if you have never spun your car tires mercilessly on ice as you try to climb an icy hill, you just haven’t lived, it’s almost like never having stuck your tongue to a frozen metal clothesline pole, you just haven’t experienced luffe. wichh isss oow you well talk aster the docss hass to remove parrrd of your ongue….

Living somewhere warm means you would never get the chance to wear a pair of “texting mittens” which is a shame. Yup, they have mittens that turn into gloves so you can continue to text even in a blizzard. You could text your best friend and say, “Help Lst n big blizrd not LMAO” or something equally important, like, “Wanna go for lunch?”

Everyday waking up to warm temperatures, sunshine, swimming, walks along the beach, golf, fishing….It must get very tiresome. I almost feel bad for those folks living in southern places….almost….

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