Camping Award

I usually don’t pay too much attention to blog awards and such, mostly because I seldom receive any blog awards…

However all that changed when I opened my email today to discover that I have been awarded the “Camping” award on Yippee !!

For those of you who don’t know, and that would include me, is in their own words:

a project designed to improve the quality of online factual content…

and: is a continuously improving project focused on creating a trustworthy ‘facts only’ based website. Founded by a community who enjoy to learn and who are dedicated to improving their own intelligence, whilst helping the quality of online factual content progress.

So…it seems The Cottage Chronicles has been given an award for one or more of the following reasons:

*Accurate and precise informational content.
*Interesting and inviting layout and/or writing style.
*Reliable source for trustworthy content.
*Unique and entertaining information.

Well, here at The Cottage we are always willing to accept awards, so it is with thanks to all the little people who made this possible, I accept this award graciously and with pride.

facts about camping

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