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Always in tune with other things going on, I noticed that another publication devoted to life at cottages has a recent article about firewood organizers and stackers. Uh-oh, why didn’t I think of that? No matter, I’m not proud, I will write about them anyway…..

Firewood Stackers

Firewood storage runs the gamut from just a cone shaped pile of firewood in the yard to elaborate stacking systems, including a rather confusing method that our own Lonesome Larry uses. (It’s not really that confusing, it’s just that I am slow to catch on to stuff)
"firewood rack"
Stacking firewood can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. The main things to consider are you want to keep your firewood dry, allow air circulation and keep it up off the ground to reduce dampness and bugs from getting into it. Stacking your firewood will let the air circulate through and around the firewood which aids in getting the moisture out of the wood.
That said, here is our list of firewood stackers to help you keep your firewood nice and tidy and neat as well as dry.

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack Only

This firewood stacker is made of strong tubular steel for optimal durability and strength, comes with hardware for easy assembly and has a weatherproof powder coating that resists rust. This firewood stacker measures 96″ X 48″ to fit on your deck, porch or under the eaves.
2x4basics 90144 Firewood Rack System, Black

This one assembles with a screwdriver, you supply the 2X4, put it together and you have a good place to stack your firewood. It makes a rack four feet by eight feet and you can get another one and double it for even more neatly stacked firewood.
Panacea 15206 Adjustable Length Log Rack

This firewood rack from Panacea features adjustable length that is ideal for storing and drying firewood. It keeps your firewood up off the ground and neatly stacked.
The Woodhaven 8-ft Firewood Log Rack – Woodhaven Official Site

This is perhaps the prime rib of wood stackers, made from mild steel with stainless steel hardware, and has a capacity of 1/2 cord.It features a lifetime warranty, black powder coat finish and is made in the U.S. of A.

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