Fall Ramblings 2012

Autumn at the cottage is a wonderful time of the year. Here in the north east of Canada the hardwood trees are all sporting their autumn colors, red, orange, brown, it’s like the last hooray before the bleak grey days of November.

That’s how I think about October at the cottage, always full of splash and colour, like a gleeful abstract painting, while November takes on the look of a black and white pen and ink drawing. Still nice, just not quite as nice.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the grey of November almost as much as the colour of October, just not quite as much.

Some of us try to put the bright colors back into the late Fall season by donning bright orange jackets, vests and hats to go hunting. But I am digressing.

Actually I wasn’t really digressing much, because this post is mostly just the rambling thoughts of a cottager in October.

For those of us who have a cottage or camp this time of year can be kind of depressing, as we know the prime summer cottage season is past, and we are not long from closing up for the year.

We try to convince ourselves that it is not over yet, that the cottage water pump can stay on a bit longer, the wharf can stay in the lake a bit longer, and the good weather will last a bit longer.

It’s easy to think that way on a beautiful Fall day like today. For most of the day as I ran the roto-tiller through the garden, tidied up the shed and spent some time visiting with a neighbor, it was simple to forget that it is getting near to closing the cottage time.

Fall is also a great time to snoop around the neighboring cottages, seeing what those crazy people on the next lane have been up too all summer, and bring home any valuables they left out for safe keeping until you see them again..provided you remember…it was only an old garden rake anyway…..

But as evening drew nigh (“drew nigh” is wording I learned in my creative writing class) it became apparent that the times they are a changing. It got colder and my short sleeved shirt was no longer appropriate, I found myself looking for a jacket.

I suspect tomorrow morning the water line running from the lake to the cottage will be frozen, or close to frozen as the temperature is supposed to dip overnight.

The folks in the two boats that I noticed passing on the lake both looked bundled up and still kind of cold, gone are the days of pontoon boats loaded with voluptuous women in bikini’s going by waving to me.

Now most of the few boats that are on the lake are small utility boats operated by old guys bundled up in big jackets who are too cold to raise their arm to wave to a bozo on the shore running a roto-tiller.

It’s getting dark early too, another sign that Fall has arrived, as supper time usually means having to have the outdoor lights on in order to enjoy supper sitting by the window.

On the other hand, it is not all bad. It’s nice having a fire in the wood stove in the evening, enjoying the warmth and pleasure that comes from a wood fire. I leave our bedroom window open a couple inches in order to be able to better hear the maple and poplar leaves rustling in the autumn wind as I drifted off to sleep…and to avoid dying from carbon monoxide poisoning should the wood stove decide to act up…..

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2 thoughts on “Fall Ramblings 2012”

  1. Hi, Rob, I just read your ramblings about fall in the cottage. I love cottages…wish I have one, but my husband will not hear of it. We go to a rental cottage every summer, near Orillia, on Lake Couchiching. I have the summer off, so I try to go to some other rental cottages with my friends or by myself. I just love being with Mother Nature..and a cottage is my sanctuary. I love the out doors, not so much in winter, though it can be beautiful after a snow fall. I like your writing. Do you ever come to Toronto ?

  2. Hi Grace, I appreciate your comments. And you are right, cottage close to nature can be a sanctuary. There are some advantages to renting a cottage over ownership, for one thing, you don’t have a lot of maintenance costs and taxes etc, and you also have the option of going to different cottages/lakes. Just because you don’t own a cottage doesn’t mean you are not a cottager !!

    I seldom go to Toronto, although I occasionally go to Ottawa. How about you, do you ever come to Nova Scotia?