Disconnect Cottage Water For Winter

We slipped down to the camp for a couple of days and I must tell you…the weather was glorious. The kind of day that makes you think that summer is still here and winter, well it just isn’t coming this year.
"maple tree with fall colors"
However, we all know that isn’t possible. Winter, even with the warming affects of global climate change, still happens and when it does, we have to be ready. In other words, we have to disconnect the water at the cottage so it doesn’t freeze and split the pipes.

So that is how I spent the better part of this morning, disconnecting the water. You know the drill, taking the hose out of the lake, draining the water from the pipes, yadda yadda….I have written about it several times, so if you need to know how I do it, just check the archives.

I still don’t use antifreeze in my plumbing system. Number one, I don’t want it to end up in my septic system, or the lake and number two, I don’t trust it to work, owing to a failure with antifreeze a few years ago resulting in a cracked toilet.
"maple leaves over lake"
Other than crawling around under the camp, etc, it was a great day, hardly any breeze, with short sleeve mild weather. I even had time to close in our screen room with plastic to keep the weather out and the furniture dry.
"cottage closed for winter"
That and loading the Dodge Grand Caravan with all the stuff that we take home in the winter, food and some tools, clothes and a little of this and that.
red maple leaves
Ordinarily I would probably leave the water on a little longer. Last year we didn’t disconnect it until sometime in November. However I have some other obligations this Fall so I wanted to get the water off now while I had an opportunity.

How about you? Is your cottage water still hooked up?

You can see a few more of the photos I snapped at the cottage this week on my Facebook page thingy….here: Fall Pictures

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2 thoughts on “Disconnect Cottage Water For Winter”

  1. We just finished doing exactly the same thing ,,It is more fun hooking it all up in the spring ha ha

  2. I agree Bob, much more fun in April than it is in October. Here`s hoping for an easy fast winter and we will be back at it in no time.