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Well this has been a glorious few days at the camp. Sunshine and lollipops and everything that wonderful….The weather has been spectacular. Most of the neighbors have been tolerable. The pontoon boat is working good. The water pump is pumping. The solar lights are lighting….yup…all is well.

I’ve been busy and perhaps a little lazy, so instead of a written post, tonight I am going to post some recent photos I’ve snapped around the camp and lake.

Here goes: This first picture is the stern of our boat proudly flying the Canadian Flag.
Canada Flag

The weather has been quite fantastic here lately and the water, well it’s pretty warm, in fact, here is a pic of my Hummingbird Fish Finder showing the water temperature, yesterday July 14, 2012.

Al and Bob having a chat on the wharf beside Bob’s boat. That’s our very own Alleghany Al on the dock, and Bob aboard the boat.

I think Bob fell overboard because the next time I looked, only Al was left in sight. No wait, there he is, just peeking over the starboard side, maybe he is pulling himself back aboard….

We had a summer thunderstorm rolling off in the distance on Saturday afternoon. Here are some pics I snapped of the sky as the storm rolled across behind them.

The clouds were particularly high and pretty just before the rain moved in on us.

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