Pontoon Boats Keep Recreational Boating Afloat

“Pontoon boats sales are keeping the recreational boating industry afloat” or so says an article by Bangor Daily News reporter Tom Groening.

In his article published July 13, 2012, Groening quotes Mike Menne, an industry spokesman who said 25,000 pontoon boats were sold last year in the United States. Another boating industry representative, Steve York, manager of Port Harbor Marine in Holden, estimated that 40 percent of their sales are pontoon boats.

I’m not surprised, more and more pontoon boats are turning up on our cottage lake and other lakes in the area as folks realize the luxury and practicality these floating living rooms provide.

Comfortable seating, cabins that can cover the entire pontoon boat and layouts to suit almost any purpose you can imagine are making pontoon boats the choice of boat. You can carry several passengers on pontoon boats and have room to walk around. It’s like having a much bigger conventional boat.
"pontoon boat"
Nothing rides as smoothly as pontoon boats cruising a lake or river. Certainly a party boat type of vessel, pontoon boats are a great way to spend a day on the water with friends and family.

Read the full article in the Bangor Daily News Here: Pontoon Boats Keep The Recreational Boating Industry Afloat

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