Global Warming’s New Reality

If you have been paying any attention at all, you probably are realizing that the weather is changing. We’re having hotter temperatures, more dramatic storms, milder winters and warmer summers. Folks in some areas alternate between running from wildfires and paddling out of floods.

Warmer Than Ever

Meteorologists who track weather statistics have reported the Spring of 2012 was the warmest Spring ever recorded for the United States. Is it global climate change/global warming or just changing weather patterns with no underlying cause? Are we on a run-away train heading for global catastrophe?

Changing Weather

I don’t want to scare you, but I think it’s time we all sat up and took notice of what is going on with our weather.

In some areas the changes may be subtle, and in some cases, even welcome, who doesn’t like warm July weather with no rain? Well farmers for one, who are struggling with lack of rainfall which threatens to devastate their crops.

Perhaps you remember the Dust bowl of the 1930’s when prolonged drought had a lot to do with creating what became known as The Great Depression. (“The agricultural depression was a major factor in the Great Depression, as bank loans went bad, credit dried up, and banks closed across the country”-Great Depression, What Happened and How It Compares With Today

This year our the water levels in our cottage lake seem to be lower than usual for July. Is that because of global warming, or just an anomaly this year? I don’t know, but I can’t help but wonder. Long stretches of hot weather are nice, but little or no rain leads to forest fire dangers and crops withering in farmers fields.

The Rolling Stone has published an interesting must read Global Warmings Terrifying New Math which lays out in no uncertain terms that things are changing and it looks like our penchant for burning fossil fuels is the cause.

What’s frightening, if not surprising, is that things are happening much faster than the scientists ever predicted. (No surprises there, I have yet to meet or read a scientific report that wasn’t wrong on some level)

Enough me taking up your time, read The Rolling Stone article and find out about the new math of global warming….Read More Here

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