The Downfalls Of Cottage Ownership

It is rather difficult for me to write about the downfalls of cottage ownership considering I really don’t see any. However, for some folks the opposite it true, unfortunately, as with any kind of real estate, there can be some problems with owning a cottage.

I came across an interesting post on WalletPop about cottages. In the post the author cites a Globe And Mail statistic that says 9% of Canadians own cottages. The post lists seven downfalls to cottage ownership. I’d say in some respects it’s accurate, but some of the downfalls of cottage ownership are a little contrived, depending on your situation. Here is the article: Cottages In Canada:Seven Downfalls Of Cottage Ownership

On the subject of Cottage Ownership, here is a link to some advice to help you minimize the pratfalls of cottage ownership, particularly shared cottage ownership.

In part because of the strong personal/sentimental feelings some folks have for their cottages, problems can arise, and problems can be costly. Here is some advice about cottage ownership that seems practical: Cottage Wars by Peter Cheney, The Globe And Mail At the bottom of the article are Survival Tips, How to avoid cottage wars in your family.

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