Deer Antler Lamp

Frequent readers know that I am a fan of ‘themed’ rooms at the camp. By that I mean rooms that are decorated outdoorsy items that follow a particular theme. It could be a moose theme, or bears or loons. Or it could be the deer hunter theme, which is particularly popular in the Northeast where whitetail deer are a big deal and a popular game animal.

Who hasn’t got a pair of whitetail deer antlers kicking around the camp, perhaps a deer that old Uncle Bill shot back of the camp 40 years ago. Even non-hunters can appreciate the charm of the old hunting camp motif with antlers on the wall.

If you like the look and the atmosphere provided by theme decorations, perhaps a Grand River Lodge Antler Wall Sconce or two might be just the thing to give your room or camp the look you are going for.

This hand-painted faux deer antler lamp is perfect for any room, wall or entryway. The deer antlers are so well painted that it is difficult to distinquish them from the real thing.

The antlers are mounted on a wood base with two minature antler bases that serve as screw caps for a neat installation. They come with a faux-suede shade that adds to the rustic camp feel of the antler lamp.

You can find out more about this lamp here: Grand River Lodge Antler Wall Sconce

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