Cottage Garden

I “lifted” this pic from one of our readers Facebook page because, well it’s a picture of his “garden” at his camp across the lake from mine and I thought it was kind of nice….

It is obvious Bob is quite a gardener.

I don’t know how he finds time to look after it……all the weeding and watering.

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2 thoughts on “Cottage Garden”

  1. Well Rob,i hate to admit it but i think i was the one that got him started.Sadly this was what he ended up with for a garden.I think he could use the Better Homes and Garden Books.Well it’s a start Bob !

  2. Yes, it’s sad what some folks think is a garden Nancy. Obviously Bob needs to go back and talk to you, get some additional instruction on gardening. In the meantime, I think he should build a fence around his garden before the deer eat his hosta.

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