What Kind of Animal Is This ?

Recently an animal was seen and photographed in a suburban neighborhood in my area. One of my Facebook buddies posted the picture on FB and it has become a source of mystery, as folks are undecided about what animal it is, with suggestions ranging from coyote to wolverine to fisher to fox to…well, just about anything.

So I thought I would post it here and see if anyone has any ideas about what this animal might be. I know many of my readers are outdoors people and many have had lots of experience with various wildlife, so if you know what it is, or have theory, let’s hear it.

Here is the animal photographed in someone’s backyard.

Here is a picture of a fisher, which many believe the above animal to be.

Here is another pic of a fisher.

Fisher Pic: Wilkimedia Creative Commons
Unknown Animal Pic: CBC Maritime Noon

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