Water Trampoline

"water trampoline"Ya know…on those hot summer days there is nothing that Ol’Lonesome Larry, Alleghany Al and I enjoy doing more than bouncing on our water trampoline….It’s one of those carefree pasttimes that middle aged guys enjoy, watching girls bouncing up and down on a trampoline in flourescent colored speedo swimsuits before wiggling a little to one side or the other and splashing into the cool clear waters of our cottage lake.

Yeah well…that was a bold faced lie. We don’t even have a water trampoline, but if we did, by golly we’d use it and we’d be sure to encourage others to use it…. And so would you.

These look like barrels of water trampoline fun at the cottage. Just imagine it.
"water trampoline fun"
Well, if you are like us, and like to think about having an adventure, and you’re a guy or gal that has everything, you need one a water trampoline like this 20 foot RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Trampoline

Imagine the fun you will have with this 20 foot water trampoline, it sets up in less than one hour, comes with a stainless steel ladder with steps that run deep into the water, easy to grip stainless steel bar and hand holds molded into each step. It also has boarding assist handles to enable easy boarding.

This is an actual trampoline with springs so it is good for some serious bounce action. It’s sure to be a favorite activity and gathering spot at the cottage.

The Rave comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Now…the price. Well, given the size and construction of this water trampoline, they aren’t giving them away. One like this is listed for $3499.99 But just think of the fun!!

Find out how you can own one of these water trampolines here:RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Trampoline

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  1. Aqua ramp trampoline can really add excitement and enjoyment while you and your family is having a vacation in the beach. Children and even adult will surely have more way to have fun!

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