Technorati Says We Are Not A Blog

So, here’s the thing….Technorti, an Internet search engine developed for searching blogs and purporting to be the blog website, has decided that The Cottage Chronicles is not a blog. Apparently we don’t meet their guidelines to be a blog anymore. We have been listed with them since, I dunno, perhaps 2007, but apparently we no longer qualify as a blog.

I take that as a compliment. Over the past six months I have endeavored to move The Cottage Chronicles from a blog to more of a website that has a blog, and, if Technorati can be believed, I must have been successful. I did that primarily because a blog is a bit limiting and so many folks look at you funny when you say you have a blog.

Them:What do you do?”
Me: “I have a blog”
Them: “Oh that’s nice…um…so do you work”
Me: “Um yes, I have a website”
Them: “Ohhhhh, wow, that’s cool.”

Well, something like that anyway. Folks don’t always ‘get’ what a blog is, but call it a website and they know. So why not make a blog into a website?

I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback to visit my Technorati account only to find the message that this site did not qualify as a blog anymore. I guess because I hadn’t really considered the changes I was making were that dramatic, or that they mattered. I guess I was wrong about that.

It’s also kind of strange for me personally, because I have long considered myself “a blogger” only to find out that the Lords at Technorati no longer consider me as such.

I have long struggled with the blog purists, since I began as a blogger in 2006. In those days, and even today, ads on a blog? Oh how tacky…you shouldn’t get paid, if you do, that’s not a blog. Actual articles on a blog, or stories, not just fancy lead ups to links to other sites and blogs? Oh how silly, that’s not a blog.

From the get-go I found that Technorati was made up mostly of other bloggers, all trying to promote their blog and blogging, so perhaps it wasn’t a good fit for me from the beginning. Most of my readers don’t spend a lot of time on Technorati, therefore I guess it is a moot point anyway.

On the other hand, traffic to The Cottage Chronicles has gone up in the past year, and we are being found in search engines better than ever, so I guess the changes haven’t been all in vain. We never received much traffic at all from our listing in Technorati so it’s not like it’s a big loss of traffic, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw any traffic from technorati, if I ever did.

So if you are looking for The Cottage Chronicles in Technorati, don’t bother. I won’t be there and I won’t be appealing their decision that we are not a blog. Frankly Technorati, I don’t give a damn.

There…I feel much better…tomorrow we will return to our regular cottage postings….

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