The End of Time – Not

I apologize but I am going off topic a bit, but I have no choice. This post is about something near and dear to cottagers and non-cottagers alike. The end of the world.

End of Time Averted

Yup. Sounds like we got some good news folks. An archaeologist has discovered a never-before-seen Maya calendar in Guatemala that buys us a little more time!! You can find out more about it here: End of Time Averted

The Mayans, an ancient people, played a wonderful joke on the world by creating a calendar that ended in December 2012 prompting all kinds of theories, conspiracies and supposition, juxapostion and all the other ‘positions’ that the end was once again nigh…upon us…

Little did they know that there calendar would foster many, many books, websites, surivalist groups, news reports and Tim Horton’s coffee break discussions as it did. Or did they?

It’s unfortunate that I recently borrowed a big bunch of money based on the idea that I wouldn’t have to pay it back. At the time, “No Payments Until 2013” seemed like such a good idea.

However, it’s fortunate in that we don’t have to worry about how to survive the end of time, which, to be honest was kinda bothering me. I wasn’t losing sleep or anything, but occasionally I would pass gas which I attributed to the stress of the end of time drawing nigh.

What I have been doing is working pretty steady around the cottage, in what felt like a race against time, trying to get stuff done before time ran out. I have learned that I work much better with a deadline, something that might have been useful to know when I had a job.

“Why Rob?” you ask, thinking it a good question, “Why would you bother doing renovations and stuff when The End of Time is coming? Why not say the heck with it and go fishing?”

Well, I didn’t want to leave behind a messy camp. It may be the end of time, but what if there are others who survive and dig the place up in some kind of future archeology project? I really didn’t want them to think I was a lazy camper who didn’t keep a tidy place.

The latest revelations are true because it’s on the internet and I believe everything I read on the internet, which is how I got into this mess in the first place. However, given that the coming date for oblivion, here-to-for based on some old carvings in a rock, has been pushed back from the previously known end of time dates carved in a rock, I can start to slide again.

It’s kind of interesting that now, as we are coming down to the proverbial end of time wire, that someone would make a lifesaving discovery such as this one. How timely is that. We are down to less than 7 months and yowza! We get a reprieve.

I dunno about you, but I am feeling kind of disappointed about this recent change to the end of time. Not that I was looking forward to it, but this news, coming now, is a bit of a let down. I have been patiently waiting to see how the doomsayers and predictors and conspiracists explained the end of time not happening in December. Not now, not 7 months before the panic that would have ensued had this gone on at least a few months longer.

Well…given the deadline has changed, I think I will go fishing. I can fix the wharf tomorrow.

In closing, and yes, thankfully I am closing…let’s listen to this video. This is Beyonce, and the song is End of Time.

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