Chopping Firewood Without The Back Pain

Further to my earlier post about chopping firewood, here are a couple of videos that demonstrate a couple practical ways to split firewood with an axe in a more conventional manner, without a gas powered wood splitter.

I’ve always said, what kills me the most chopping firewood is not swinging the axe, it’s the bending and lifting to pick up the split wood after each swing. That’s what takes a toll on your back.

You drive the axe in with a resounding whack, the wood splits and flies off the chopping block in different directions. One piece almost always hits you in the shin, adding an element of pain to the process. Before you can split another piece you have to bend over and pick it up and reposition it back on the chopping block. It’s the bending and picking up the pieces that wears you out.

Well not anymore. If you haven’t got a gas powered woodsplitter or a neighbor who has one, then pay attention to these two videos, both offering what I think is an easier way to split firewood.

This next video is really something, this guy makes short work of the wood….

I will point out that in both of these videos, the wood they are splitting is cut fairly short, which, above all else, is the secret to making splitting firewood easy.

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