Sounds of Spring

Spring Is In The Air

As cottage days go this was a pretty good one. Well, if spending your time beside the blue waters of a calm northern lake listening to loons and watching a pair of Canada Geese circle the lake is your cup of tea, this was a cream and sugar day.

This evening just before dark the loons treated us to a wonderful selection of some of their best calls, from the lonesome, long plaintiff aawwwwww-Whooooo to the always delightful, woooolllyooo-woooolllyooo-wooolllyoooo sung in an exciting tremolo that slides over the water and echoes from the shoreline trees.

Yup…the loons are noisy tonight. Which was probably all I needed to say.

Yup, it’s Spring in cottage land. In addition to the loons, a small flock of black ducks crossed the evening sky tonight heading somewhere. Black ducks are always heading somewhere. And a pair of Canada geese flew up the lake, hollering at me at they passed, ahhhh-onnk!ahhhh-onnk! ahhh-onnk!

However, the sound of Spring that I cherish the most is not the call of the Canada Goose, no matter how exciting, nor is it the call of the lonesome loon, or the quack of a duck. The sound I love is the shrill little whistle of a sparrow in the morning, perched on a branch in the swamp behind the camp.

As long as I can remember, that sound means Spring and the camp to me. I sat on the step this morning, sipping a cup of coffee, watching the sun climb above the trees across the lake, listening to a sparrow and remembering what a wonderful life I lead.

This afternoon Wendy and I paid a surprise visit to a couple of our Cottage Chronicles readers, which was delightful. It was a thrill for me to finally meet the person who reads this blog….I’d like to say we suprised our reader with a nice gift package of Cottage Chronicles memorabilia, t-shirts, hats, cup-holders etc. However, the budget for this website is completely virtually non-existant as are the profits, so our gifts are…well…virtual.

So…the rest of you, be warned, you never know when you might hear a knock on the door and find yourself face to face with a real cottage nutbar blogger…me!!

When we returned back to the camp from our visit, we went to work opening the deck, removing the plastic that keeps the snow and rain out of the screen room and off the deck. It really makes it feel like we made it another year with the deck opened up.

Now c’mon, admit it, you tried making the “wooo-lllyoo-wooo-lllyoooo” sound I mentioned didn’t you?

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4 thoughts on “Sounds of Spring”

  1. We love the sound of the loons at our place. It is symbolic with cottage country and with the wilderness. Some evenings I open the bedroom window and fall asleep to their haunting cries on the lake.

  2. There is nothing as wonderful as hearing the first loons calls in the Spring. My husband and I always say, “We have arrived.” when we hear the loons on our lake. Nature is a wonderful thing to behold.

  3. Each year we look forward to listening to the loons. It is one of those things that cottagers have in common, our love for the loons.