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Have you ever dreamed about paddling a canoe along a beautiful, pristine river watching wildlife along the way, their daily activities undisturbed by your paddle dipping into the water as you glide silently past? Perhaps you’d like to cast a fishing line as you go, catching brook trout?

"musquodoboit river canoe"
If that appeals to you, and I know it does, you should contact Dave at Meagher’s Grant Canoe Rental And Shuttle located in Meagher’s Grant, in the beautiful Musquodoboit River Valley. Dave is in the canoe rental outdoors outfitting business.

Actually it’s more of a labour of love for Dave instead of a business. A lover of the outdoors and the wilderness of the Musquodoboit River Valley, he enjoys helping people experience the beauty of the local area. Located within a hour of Halifax , Nova Scotia, and serving Musquodoboit River, Dave offers a place to park your vehicles, rental of canoes and a canoe shuttle to get you back to your starting point, taking the worry out of how you will get back up river at the end of your trip.
"the Musquodoboit River"
You can rent canoes from Meaghers Grant Canoe Rentals and Shuttle, or you can bring your own and hire Dave to shuttle you back up river etc.

Flowing through the wilderness there are several places along the way to set up camp for the night, if you want to overnight in paradise. You can spend the day or several days paddling down the beautiful Musquodoboit River and at the end of the trip, Dave will be there to take you and your canoes/kayaks back to your vehicle.

The cool clean water of the Musquodoboit River flows from the the middle reaches of Nova Scotia and meanders through pristine wilderness, farm fields and rocky ledges. It’s home to mink, fox, muskrats, beavers and many other woodland creatures including this whitetail deer.

If you are really lucky, you might even see a black bear!! Dave sent us a picture some bear tracks in the mud along the river’s edge. Imagine rounding a bend to see a huge black bear in the river!! That’s an experience you will never forget.

The Musquodoboit River and surrounding area is also home to majestic bald eagles and Nova Scotia’s provincial bird, The Osprey. Here is a bald eagle overlooking his domain, his huge nest built in the tree behind.

In the Musquodoboit River, trout and salmon swim, making it a mecca for sports fishing enthusiasts who come each year to cast a line in the deep pools in search of a big sea trout fresh from the ocean.

Meaghers Grant Canoe Rentals and Shuttle caters to all. Dave tells me that canoe trips are very popular with fishermen, social and church groups guides, scouts, couples and recently, including a canoe trip as part of family reunions has become popular.

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If you or your group are thinking about a nice getaway to the wilderness or a group activity as a team building exercise, you should consider a canoe trip on the Musquodoboit River in Nova Scotia. Contact Dave at 902-384-2513 or visit their website:Meaghers Grant Canoe Rentals and Shuttle

All Pictures In This Post Courtesy Of Meaghers Grant Canoe Rentals and Shuttle

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