Lawn Aerators

If you are like me, you have already had someone at your door, or putting brochures in your mailbox offering to “aerate” your lawn for a fee, usually charging between $50 and $100. Personally I think this lawn aerators stuff is a bit of a lawn scam, but I’m no expert, so who am I to say really. I hate to sound bitter, but I think that lawn aerators mostly poke holes in your wallet.

If you want to pay someone a big bunch of money to lawn aerate with a lawn aerate machine, which is essentially poking a bunch of holes in the lawn to “let oxygen and nutrients” get to the roots of your grass, well, it’s up to you.

Proponents of lawn aeration say it allows the lawn and soil to breath, allows fertilizers and nutrients and water to reach the roots, and is good for your lawn. Lawn aerators companies use a machine to go over your lawn poking holes and lifting little “plugs” of soil out to allow the lawn to breath.

If you buy into this program, OK, that’s up to you, but for a lot less money, you can aerate your lawn yourself and get some much needed exercise while you do it. All you need is a pair of these Lawn Aerating Shoes that sell for under $25 and you can use them over and over again. With these lawn aerators you can poke as many holes in your lawn as you want, whenever you want and save a bunch of money while you do it…..just saying…..

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  1. This is kind of funny. We hired a local kid to aerate our lawn at the cottage last Spring. He showed up wearing a pair of these aerating shoes and spent the afternoon walking around our lawn. Got the job done though !!

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