My Dolmar Chainsaw Comes Through Again

There is something nice about looking at a pile of freshly cut firewood, knowing it warmed us when we cut it, again when we stacked it, and it will warm us again when we burn it.

Dolmar Chainsaw

It was a busy day around the cottage as Wendy and I set to work to cut some firewood. I had a big old poplar tree that I cut last year that we were saving to use as a roller should we decide to move our garage. However, I’ve since decided the garage is staying put so the tree trunk was firewood waiting for the chainsaw.

It was a cool day today, no flies, a great day for outside work around the camp, so I fired up the Dolmar chainsaw this morning and cut the tree into firewood sized chunks ready for splitting.
sachs dolmar chainsaw
I found it interesting was that the wood was surprisingly wet considering it has been cut for more than a year.

As firewood goes, the fast growing poplar is not a particularly good choice. Although it is classed as a hardwood tree, it doesn’t provide the heat that a chunk of birch or maple has, something to do with the density of the wood I believe. But for handling, and for the chainsaw, it’s pretty much the easiest. It has a pretty straight grain, not a lot of branches and therefore few knots making it also easy to split.
"sachs dolmar chainsaw"
When dry, poplar wood burns nice and leaves a fine white ash.

As chainsaws go, my Dolmar chainsaw has paid for itself over and over again. It’s a little heavy for all day use, with a 6 horsepower engine and 16 inch bar. However, it is a dependable chainsaw and I’ve yet to meet a tree it couldn’t handle.

So armed with my Dolmar chainsaw, a full tank of gas and some chainsaw bar oil, I cut it up in nice chunks. About a half hour with the splitting maul and it was all split and ready to be stacked to dry a bit. Wendy gathered it up in several wheelbarrow loads and took it to our firewood pile where it now sits.

There is nothing like a pile of fresh cut firewood to warm a cottagers heart….

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One thought on “My Dolmar Chainsaw Comes Through Again”

  1. A good chainsaw is worth it’s weight in gold. I love the experience, and the phyisical activity of cutting my own wood. It’s a great way to spend some time in the outdoors.