Rapala Spring Trout Fishing Lures

Trout fishing is best in the Spring, when the water is cold and the fish are hungry. Early season trout fishing is a great time to load up the fishing boat and spend a day or two on the water in pursuit of big trout.

Spring Trout Fishing

I’ve been cleaning out my trout fishing tackle box and shining up my trout fishing lures, sharpening my fish hooks in preparation of a few days on the water chasing some early Spring trout in our lake.

I usually like to use real minnows and worms for early season trout fishing, as I find them the best bet for trout fishing early in the year.

However, while worms are usually not difficult to find in the garden, minnows can be a little more difficult to obtain sometimes. Supply doesn’t always meet demand, especially if we have a lot of overcast days. (Minnows come into the shallows where they can be caught during sunny days)

Rapala Lures for Spring Trout Fishing

When that happens I substitute my Spring trout fishing lures for live minnows, usually one of the Rapala brand as I find the guys and girls at Rapala do a great job when they replicate a minnow, shiner, smelt, that the big trout love to eat early in the year.

Rapala makes a huge assortment of trout fishing lures, and many of the Rapala lures work well on trout and landlock salmon in the Spring.

I have written about Rapala lures on several occasions in the past, and I always end up recommending one particular style, that is personally, I find the most effective Rapala trout fishing lure is probably one of the first, the Rapala Original Floating Minnow

The Rapala Original Floating Minnow is available in more color designs than I care to mention, but I will tell you that I am particularly fond of two of them, which have worked quite well for me as early season trout fishing lures. The Rapala “Bleeding Charteuse Shad” and the Rapala “Bleeding Blue Shad”.

Bleeding Blue Shad Original Floating Minnow

The beauty of these Rapala trout fishing lures is that you can cast them from shore or troll them behind the boat, use a steady retrieve, stop-and-go retrieve or as a twitch bait, whatever you like, I find them deadly on big trout. (That’s what you wanted to hear wasn’t it? “deadly on big trout”)
"Rapala Original Minnow Lure"
Rapala Bleeding Charteuse Original Floating Minnow

I have noted in previous posts about the Rapalafishing lures that they have actually worked better for me than live bait on a couple of occasions.

While there is something kind of traditional about live bait and real minnows, Rapala fishing lures are a lot less messy.

So go ahead, put some Rapala Fishing Lures in your tackle box this fishing season and let me know how they work for you !!

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