Electric Stove

Spring must have arrived because we’ve begun our annual “buy new stuff for the camp” extravaganza….Well, that is a bit of a stretch, actually all we bought was a new electric stove for the camp.

Our current stove is a very old Enterprise Oil/Electric Combination that has served us well for the past 20 years as it served my Dad’s Aunt for 20 years before that….yup, our current stove is old….and big…and heavy…

"enterprise oil electric combination stove"
Although it was a nice feature we haven’t used the oil side for a few years and of the four electric stove burner elements only 2 still work. The oven works great, but it is not very big. And the whole electric stove only works if you have the plug installed just so, otherwise it doesn’t work at all.

The camp cook decided that enough was enough, it was time for a new electric stove for the camp. I tried to discourage that, given how I dispise change, but when the camp cook says she isn’t going again until we get a new electric stove…well you get a new electric stove.

So this morning we were off to the Sears Appliance department in our local Sears store. The Sears appliance section is where Wendy likes to buy her major appliances and to be honest, I agree, we’ve had good luck with Sears appliances, i.e. electric stoves, refridgerators, etc.

A great day for spending money, sunny, albeit a little cool, and I was hungry, which means buying an electric stove made perfectly good sense to me.

Wendy struck up a discussion with the sales rep, a nice fellow who carefully explained the features of the latest electric stoves while I wandered over to the next section where the garden tractors are on display. Oh I love the garden tractors, they have a 28 hp model that I figure would be perfect…just perfect…

But I am digressing, no garden tractor for me today, but we did get a Kenmore®/MD 30″ Self Clean Glass Smoothtop Range – White electric stove, thus assuring my continued trips to the camp and delicious suppers prepared by the camp cook. Otherwise it was going to be cans of ravioli and beans or worse…sandwiches…It’s not the most elaborate or fanciest stove in the store, but it looks like a practical, useful electric stove for us.

However, all is OK, she bought a perfectly nice electric stove with a ceramic cooktop that she likes and it will be available for pickup next week. Gotta like that, and it’s self cleaning…gotta like that even better….

If Sears was to move their garden tractors to the appliance section I just might be able to convince Wendy we need one, what do you think?

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