Electric Stove Update

Make Room For The New Electric Stove

Following on our recent purchase of a new electric stove from Sears, we had to remove the old electric stove from the camp. Unfortunately that stove is an old Enterprise electric stove/oil stove combination and dare I say, rather heavy as far as electric stoves go….

So we took advantage of Kevin having a day off to take a run to the camp to give me a lift to get the old electric stove out of the camp and out of the way, so we will have room for the new electric stove when it arrives later this week.

Given that the old stove is of little value anymore, although it served us well for a long time, I decided the easiest way to get it out of the camp was to take it apart as much as possible. (Once you go past 50 years old you start to avoid heavy lifting)

Armed with a wrench and a couple of screwdrivers we took the back, top and drawers of the stove off alone with anything else that would come off. Then we disconnected the electric power to the stove and removed the chimney pipe that was used in the past when we burned oil in the stove for heat.
enterprise oil electric stove
We took as much off the stove as was practical. What a difference that made. Removing the top alone helped to lighten the load, and made it much more manageable to move and get out of the camp.

With a lot of muscle and a two wheel dolly, we got the old electric stove out to the veranda and then slid it down the steps using some old scrap lumber.
oil stove

From there it was just a matter of tipping it up and wheeling it away…
enterprise oil electric stove
Of course “away” is easier said than done, so I decided to stick it where I stick everything else until I figure out what to do with it, we stuck it behind the shed.
old oil stove
There is nothing better than having a shed to stick stuff behind until you decide what to do with it…
under stove flooring
Of course now we have a bit of a mess in the kitchen where the stove originally stood, but we have some new flooring on order to replace the existing vinyl flooring and I plan to make a few more changes as well either before or after the new stove arrives. I will keep you posted on that as the project continues.

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