The Cottage Countdown Begins

Well it seems like we have made it, the winter is slipping into memory and Spring is upon us, it’s time to get to the camp!!

We are coming down to the wire now fellow cottagers. March is half done and we are on the down hill slide for Spring and cottage season!! Thankfully, because I would soon be going nuts.

I dunno about you, but I found this winter flew by, and around here it flew by quite easily, without much bad weather, heck it wasn’t even cold most days. But this past few weeks has been an eternity.

As the daylight starts to lengthen a little more each day, and the temperatures are on the rise, it is getting more difficult to contain my eagerness to get to the camp.

Today I started gathering up all the “stuff” that I had brought home from the cottage when we closed up in November. I now have it all organized and piled up in a nice neat pile beside the garage door, waiting to be put in the van for the first trip to open up the camp.

It’s amazing how much “stuff” that actually is. It’s things like the water pump, various and sundry tools, boxes of wrenches, sockets, carpentry tools and more. Then there is the chainsaw, the outboard motor, a lot of paint and stain, and some areosol cans of spray lubricants and engine carburator cleaners.

Along with the above is the additional “stuff” I have accumulated since the Fall, things I bought when we were on our Black Friday shopping trip, including some new and improved trout fishing lures guaranteed to catch only lunker trout. They are in some cardboard boxes in the pile along with some Christmas presents, as well as some various bits of lumber that I decided would be put to better use at the camp instead of here in the basement. It’s right beside the bar oil I bought for the chainsaw.

I’ve also got the boat fire exinquishers that I brought home in the Fall, the windshield from the pontoon boat, and some books that I have been saving to read at the camp on a rainy day.

On top of that, we’ve got to start restocking the camp refridgerator and the pantry, in preparation of the upcoming season.

Now the thing is, most of the aforementioned “stuff” came home a little at a time as we gradually closed up the camp. It wasn’t until I had it all piled up on the floor in the garage here at home that I realized just how much stuff it actually is. I think it might be two trips to get it all back there.

But it sure is fun to dig it out and start getting organized. In fact, I just remembered the boat batteries and the battery charger.

How about you? Are you starting to get excited?


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3 thoughts on “The Cottage Countdown Begins”

  1. Hey Rob!
    Glad to hear again from you. You look kinda busy stacking your stuff. Well, we’re just done with our 5-day trip with my family. We had trekking and rafting.

  2. Our lives are so much alike when it comes to the Camp !