The Cottage Chronicles 1000 Posts and Counting

With the publish of yesterday’s post about boat gas prices, we quietly hit another milestone here at The Cottage Chronicles Yup, we posted post number 1000 !!!

It’s really not that many when you consider I started writing this in October 2006, just over 5 years ago. That’s an average of 200 posts a year for five years.

In the beginning The Cottage Chronicles was only one of several blogs I created, owned and wrote for on a regular basis. At one point I had somewhere just over 50 active blogs.

Yup, 50. I was writing weekly about just about everything, and posting daily to my first blog The View From Silverhorn Lodge

A lot of that changed when Google in it’s infinite wisdom started one of their automated cleanups and started removing blogs that didn’t fit into their plan for blogs. They killed off several of my sites at that time and forced me to rethink my blogging business.

Essentially I think they found it hard to believe that one person could write and update 50 blogs regularly without spamming or using some kind of automated scraper to get content. Little did they know I was writing like a mad fool night after night after night after night….

So instead of writing for multiple websites I decided to cut my losses and reduce my blogs to about 5 or 6, which I still have today although this is really the only one I update on a regular basis.

I also moved a couple of those blogs from the free Google Blogger platform to a paid WordPress hosted platform. It costs money, but it makes it a little more secure and not at the whim of Google.

So after 5 years and untold numbers of posts, what have I learned?

You can profit from blogging, but the profits are small, regardless of what you may have heard. Bloggers making money from blogging, are few and far between, and most of them are making money selling things to other bloggers that they claim will make them money. It’s a racket…don’t fall for it.

You can meet a lot of very nice people blogging, and talk to folks from all over the world at times. Comments and emails from readers are sporadic, but many of them truly add to the conversation.

Spammers and content scrapers will utimately end blogging. Eventually the bad guys will fill the internet with so much crap and stolen, duplicate content that people will no longer bother to read blogs.

Actually I have learned a great deal more than I mentioned above. I have learned untold things, like how to spin a story out of thin air, how to code some basic html, what makes money and what doesn’t, how to sell through affiliate programs, how websites differ from blogs, how to publicize a blog, how to get traffic, how links work, the importance of keywords in blog posts, how e-books work, how to….well I could go on and on, but it isn’t necessary, suffice to say, I have learned a good deal about blogging.

All that said, I would like to say thank you to all my readers, particularly those of you who keep coming back, and leave the occasional comment, send me an email or buy something I am promoting, I appreciate it.

As for 1000 posts, well I hope that means I am just getting started…’s to the next 1000 !!!


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