How To Carry A Kayak

Carrying A Kayak

While at one time a rarity, these days the sport of kayaking has grown in popularity around our cottage lake. It’s not unusual to look out the window and see a couple of kayaks cruising up the lake their double ended paddles dipping into the water propelling them along with ease.

Anyone interested in kayaking, and these days, who isn’t interested in kayaking, will find this kayaking invention an interesting kayak accessory.

How To Carry A Kayak

Kayaks are great on the water, but notoriously difficult to carry, especially by one person.

Usually the kayaker ends up carrying the kayak balanced on one shoulder, which is not particularly comfortable or easy, especially if you have to carry the kayak any distance at all.

Brian Evans realized this, but unlike other kayakers like you and me, who are less inventive, instead of suffering it out, decided to do something to make carrying a kayak easier.

Together with his father, they came up with an idea for a kayak carrier that distributes the weight on the kayakers shoulders, balances the boat and essentially lets you carry it with ease. They called their invention the “Carry Yak”.

According to their website, the Carry Yak is based on the following principle, in their words:

“The design of the Carry Yak is based on the principle that one bucket of water can be difficult and cumbersome to carry, while two buckets is much more manageable. The Carry Yak evenly distributes the weight of the kayak on both shoulders and at the crafts balance point. This allows for easier transport and reduces the stress of carrying all the weight on one side of the body.”

According to Evans, among other things, the Carry Yak makes it easy for one person to carry a kayak, improves visibility when walking with a kayak, it’s maintenance free, corrosion resistant as well as being compact and easy to store in your kayak.

You can learn more about the Carry Yak, including where you can purchase one for your next kayaking adventure, at their website here:Carry Yak or watch the video demonstration below.

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