Extra Beds For The Camp

Whether it’s home or the cottage, you can almost never have enough beds and yet, most of the time you have too many. You know what I am talking about. Most of the time you only need one or two beds depending on the number of people staying at the camp. But what about when that number increases.

For example, what do you do when Uncle Alfred comes for a weekend visit at the cottage, bringing his new girlfriend and her 13 year old son? Or you want to have two couples come for the weekend but with only two bedrooms, it’s gonna get kind of crowded.

Well, a separate building, a “bunkie” building, might be nice, but it’s not always necessary, especially if extra guests only turn up occasionally. Not only that, a bunkie can be expensive, especially if you only use it a couple times a year. Nope, mostly all you need is to be able to provide some extra beds for the camp when needed.

The rest of the time you can probably get by sleeping the extra folks on the floor in sleeping bags. However that isn’t always practical, especially if your guests are older folks. You want to make everyone’s experience at the camp the best it can be, and one way of doing that is ensuring comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Luckily, there are several alternatives for sleeping extra guests at the cottage without tying up a lot of needed space when the amount of sleeping room is not an issue.

Here are a few ideas for Extra Beds At The Camp:

Folding Bed or roll-a-way cot as we used to call ours, is a handy item to have at the camp, provided you have somewhere to store it when it is not in use. Otherwise, they are a bit of a nuisance, although quite useful for an extra bed.

Convertible Wood Futon These are great additions to the cottage. Not only do you get an extra bed when it’s needed, the rest of the time you have a functional couch, which fits in with the decor of the cottage and provides extra seating. When company comes and it’s time for bed, simply fold it down, and presto, a comfortable bed.

Inflatable EZ Bed Over the years I have had the fortune or misfortune to sleep on an inflatable bed or two. While they are all servicable, I found that ones like this one, that is raised on legs is as close as you can come to sleeping on a regular bed. As a spare bed at the camp these are ideal, they are easy to store and quick to inflate, great for unexpected overnight guests. They also fold up quite small, these days some folks even bring these with them when they come for the weekend.

Intex Queen Supreme Pillow Top Ultra Plush Deluxe AirBed As far as inflatable beds are concerned, this is the “deluxe” model featuring a pillow top for extra comfy comfortable sleeping. This is another inflatable bed that would be excellent as a backup for extra guests at the cottage.

Folding Military Cot Camp Bed Who hasn’t had the pleasure of sleeping on a folding camp cot at some point in their lives? These are an old standby in camping life, and like the items mentioned above, can come in handy when you need to be able to sleep an extra person at the camp. These folding cots are easy to store as well, just pull it out of the closet when you need it.

When I was a lad, we always had a set of bunkbeds at the camp. Bunk beds are practical and don’t take up much space which is particularly important in a smaller cottage. This particular Walker Edison Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed has a twin bed over a full bunk bed, which makes for quite a bit of sleeping room. However, it also means more space is used, so if that is an issue, you might be better off to stick with a slightly smaller, twin over twin bunk bed like this Walker Edison Twin/Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed.

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