Nothing Better Than Whirligigs

Ya know, there is nothing better at a cottage than whirigigs. Well, that isn’t quite true, there are other things that are better, but for the purposes of this post, nothing is better than a whirligig….nothing.

Whirligigs have been around forever, there true beginnings are unknown, but some say they were in use in ancient China and Egypt hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.

In modern times many have become a form of folk art, and some have been sold for thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, those are pretty rare, and chances are your garden whirligig is worth a little less than you paid for it. But it isn’t all about money is it? For some of us, whirligigs are just plain old fun to look at.

Whirligigs By Any Other Name

Actually whirligigs are known by many names depending on where you are from, and all of the names are kind of well….cute, such as pinwheels, buzzers, comic weathervanes, gee-haws, spinners, whirlygigs; whirlijig; whirlyjig; whirlybird; or just plain whirly.

I love to watch our whirligig spin and whirl in the breeze when I am sitting on the deck thinking of ways to annoy my neighbors Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Al. The spinning and whirling helps me think, my mind starts spinning and whirling.

Here are a few cottage whirligigs that you might enjoy. Fun to have at the camp. This first one is a Hummingbird Whirligig-with Nylon Propeller It comes with a 47″ pole.

For the cat lover, this is a Handcrafted Kitty Whirligig Wind Spinner

For those of us who enjoy birds, there is a Blue HandWorks Cardinal & Nest Whirligig

This whirligig has a person in an raincoat, carrying an umbrella walking a dog. It’s appropriately called, Umbrella Girl Whirligig Wind Spinner which…umm…makes sense.

This next whirligig features a mama bird and her chicks, it’s called the Blue Handworks Bluebird Mama & Baby Whirligig Wind-Powered Kinetic Sculpture For Garden

Here’s a whirligig that I think Lonesome Larry has on the roof of his truck, this is the Carmen Miranda Dancing Pink Flamingos Wind-Powered Whirligig
"dancing pink flamingo whirligig

Birds are popular among whirligig makers, I suppose because of the movement of the wings, such as on this 37″ North American Cardinal Spinner

For those of you of the “handy” type, you like to make your own stuff for around the cottage, here are a couple books showing how to make your own whirligigs.

Action Whirligigs: 25 Easy-to-Do Projects (Dover Woodworking)

How To Make Whirligigs

This how to make whirligigs book also shows you how to make whimmy diddles. Something everyone should know how to make.

How to Make Whirligigs and Whimmy Diddles and Other American Folkcraft Objects

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  1. I thought them WHIRL-LEE-JIGS was what the boys do on their ATV’s out on the ice . Things are freezin’ in NB. I’ll tell ya the old truck seat has been in ” hemmi- roid reduction mode ” the last few mornings, spring is just around the turn, mail man dropped off a income tax thing yesterday, that’s a sure sign. Gotta go , that Auction Locker show is on. YUUUUUUUUPPPP !!!!!