What’s In My Bag For Winter Survival Gear

Off To The Woods

This time of year many of us venture out into the wild for some winter outdoors adventure. That might include hunting, snowmobiling, or four wheeling. Or, for the really healthy guys and girls, perhaps a winter hike in the woods, or perhaps traveling in snow using snow shoes or cross country skis.
Whenever you go into the woods you need to be prepared, you need to have winter survival gear with you. Survival gear is important year round, but no time is being prepared more important, than in winter, when you have snow and cold temperatures to contend with in addition to everything else like getting lost, coyotes, medical emergencies etc.

Being properly prepared means the difference between a rough night lost in the woods, versus a total disaster, where you may not even survive the night.

What To Carry?

So what should you carry with you? Well, some high energy food snacks are good to have, and so are spare socks, lighters, matches, flints and steel, blowtorch, to help you start a fire, (you can never have enough fire starting stuff) a chain saw and axe to obtain firewood and shelter.

Oh and don’t forget a cell phone that works, homing beacon, GPS, maps, flares and flare gun, two-way radio, air horn, whistle and of course, the old standby, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs back to civilization.

When it comes time to survive in the wilderness, I always say you cannot have enough “stuff”, and judging by the gear that the fellow in this video carries, he shares similar ideas with me.

Winter Survival Gear

This video, coincidentally featuring a guy named, “Rob” gives you a pretty good idea of the items you should have with you when you venture off road, anytime of the year.

I dunno about you, but it crosses my mind that Rob might be a good fella to have along on an outdoor adventure. Just remember, if you are going afield in winter, if you don’t plan on carrying this kind of winter survival gear with you, you better bring Rob along.

And for those of you stopping at the bakery on your way to the woods, don’t bother, leaving a trail of real breadcrumbs doesn’t work.

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