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Snow Roof Rake

It’s Snowing

It started snowing today, reminding you and I that it is winter. Fortunately for us, the snow seems to have stopped, leaving just a little bit, maybe an inch or two, not enough to worry about. We got away easy.

But that was today. What about the next one? Last year, although we didn’t get too much snow overall, I did end up at the camp trying to get snow off the roof.

The snow had built up pretty deep, we probably had a couple of feet of snow on the roof which is a substantial amount of weight. Most houses, especially those built in northern climates, can stand quite a bit of snow weight before it becomes a problem, so most of the time I just leave it alone.

However, in the past few years we also receive quite a bit of rain combined with snow, or thereafter, which tends to increase the weight, making it time to think about roof snow removal. Frequent freeze and thaw cycles also contribute to ice dams, which can be very damaging.

Helps Prevent Ice Dams

Using one of these roof snow rakes will help to prevent ice dams which allow water to back up under the shingles, ruining your roof, and potentially ceilings and walls. Getting the snow off the roof helps keep the extra weight off the roof too.

Now you know my complete lack of desire to get anywhere near a roof, even in summer. You can imagine how little I want to climb up on a snow and ice covered roof in winter to do some roof snow removal. I would rather wrestle bears over fish.

Homemade Snow Roof Rake

Last year I used a garden rake duct-taped to a pole and a step ladder to reach up and pull some of the heavy snow off the roof of the cottage.
"Clearing snow from roof"
My homemade snow roof rake worked, but it was far from ideal, and the rake was hard on the shingles underneath the snow. If you don’t mind getting up on the roof, you can shovel the snow, but that too is hard on the shingles.

That’s why I am intrigued with this Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake
"roof snow rake"
This snow roof rake has a 21 foot handle to reach up high on the roof and a 24 inch blade to make pulling the snow off the roof easy.

The long 21 foot handle comes apart which makes this snow roof rake easy to disassemble. You can stick it in the car and take it to the cottage and home again, no problem.

Shingle Saver Rollers

The lightweight aluminum Garelick snow roof rake uses patented “Shingle Saver” rollers. These little rollers keep the blade from touching the shingles, while making it easy to roll on the roof.

Buy A Snow Roof Rake

One of these snow roof rakes will run you around 60 bucks, but I think it would be worth it for the peace of mind. If it keeps me from climbing up on the roof it would be priceless. You can buy one of these snow roof rakes at any good hardware store, or order one from Amazon today, here: Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake
Maybe if you buy one, you won’t need it….wouldn’t that be nice?

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