Moose Quilt Set

Moose Themed Bedroom Quilt Set

Now that we have started decorating our “moose themed guest room” at the cottage, (see previous post Here) I think that we should keep it going. This stuff is kind of addictive. The more moose related decorations you add to your moose themed room, the more you want to add to your room.

With the moose antler lamps on the bedside tables, I think it would be nice to add a moose themed quilt set to the bed.
"moose bedroom set"
This moose quilt is available in sizes to fit full and queen sized beds. It will help you bring the outdoors indoors and make your cottage spare room even more memorable.

As I have mentioned before, when you decide to give a particular room in your home or cottage a “theme” it is the details that make the difference. It’s not just a matter of putting a picture of a moose on the wall and calling it the “Moose Room”

You need to add decorations, both decorative and functional things that relate to whatever the theme is for that particular room. It’s items like this moose quilt set that make all the difference and help distinguish one room in your cottage from another.

You can find out more about this moose quilt set here: Moose Lodge Quilt Set

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