Mitt Romney Likes Being Able To Fire People – I Understand

Mitt Romney On Firing

I dunno why people are making such a big fuss about Mitt Romney’s comment, “I like being able to fire people.” The guy has got a good point, and a lot of the same folks who are nashing their teeth about Romney’s statement, are probably people who would like to be able to fire people too.

Who Wouldn’t ?

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? Mitt didn’t exactly say he liked firing people, he said, “I like being able to fire people.” There is a subtle difference. Romney is not saying he enjoys the act of firing people, or that he fires lots of people, but he is saying he likes having the ability to fire people.

I would suggest that very few people enjoy the act of firing people, but most would love to have the power to fire people. I would.

There is a certain cathartic enjoyment to firing people. Like Romney, I’m not talking about willy nilly firing of anyone who comes along, nope, just the ones who deserve a good firing. Seems to me that there are quite a few.

(Before I go any further, I’m gonna level with you, be honest, and tell you that if you are offended, well I have already apologized in the small message under my picture to the right of your screen.)

It seems to me that there are a lot of people in need of firin’.

Everybody’s Fired

If I could, I would fire people all the time, almost daily. Here’s a few of them:

The cashier at the grocery store checkout who keeps talking to the cashier in the next checkout while making me wait. Turn in your keys.

The guy at the auto repair place who ignores me when I walk into the customer service area, pretending to be inputting something almighty important into the computer, important enough to ignore me, but not important enough to ignore answering the phone when it rings…something I have never understood. Why is the phone call more important than the customer in front of them. He’s fired. And just to prove a point, I’ve ripped the phone off the wall and smashed it on the floor.

Anyone in a store who says, “I don’t work in this section.” If that is true, what the heck are they doing walking in that section?? Dismissed as of Friday.

The telemarketer company computer programmer that programs his company’s computer phone program to call my home phone at supper time. Perhaps you would like to fire this one, go ahead, do the honors, you will feel much better. You will feel like Mitt Romney…He’s all done, fired.

The person in charge of the counter at the local fast food hamburger joint who is more concerned that the customers in the drive thru get looked after before the people who got out of their cars in the cold and walked into the restaurant. We stand their waiting while the drive thru customers get the hottest warmed up burger. His services are no longer required.

The nurse in the hospital who is more concerned with completing whatever ultra important paperwork rather than look after the patients. Oh my…this is a big one for me. Fired, good luck in your future endeavors.

The guy at the big building supplies store who, no matter what you ask for, says, “I haven’t got any left. I sold the last one yesterday, I’ll have to order some more.” Not only is that annoying, the guy thinks he owns Home Depot as evidenced by his answer including the “I”…Yup…he’s done.

The waiter at the fish and chip takeout. You ask for extra tarter sauce with your order. He says no problem. You get home with your order and discover his idea of “extra” tarter sauce is one additional little package. Pack up your stuff and turn in your kitchen apron, you’re all finished in the fish and chip business.

When I was working, before I chose a life of fame and fortune as a blogger, I would have been a good candidate for firing. I seldom took direction very well, as my bosses would probably tell you. Most of the time my voice was saying out loud, “Yup I will do that.” but in my mind I was thinking, “No way I’m doing that, and nothing you can do about it, you can’t fire me.” I bet some of my former bosses would agree with Mitt Romney likes being able to fire people.

The trouble is, although I would like to be able to fire those people mentioned above, unfortunately I cannot, because…well…number one, they don’t work for me directly. That could make it a bit awkward when it came time to discuss their dismissal or severance package etc.

Mitt Romney Likes Being Able To Fire People

I think it’s important to take what Romney said correctly, in context. If people are not doing a good job, not doing what they are being paid to do, fire them and find someone who will. It’s common sense and anyone who tries to make his statement into something other than it was intended, needs to be fired.

Firing people is not particularly pleasant, whether you are the firer or the firee, but it is necessary. Especially if you are trying to run a business or a government, or if you are trying to obtain a service.

Take any of my scenarios above. Imagine for a minute that you were the customer. Imagine if you could look the guy on the phone at the car repair place in the eye. The guy who is ignoring you. Imagine being able to walk over, press down the receiver, and say, “You are fired.”

I suspect the next time you went in there for an oil change, they’d be a little more courteous and a lot quicker asking how they could help you. Unless of course you got barred from the place for going behind the counter and trying to fire the owner the last time you were there…..

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