January Camp Check

Checking The Camp In Winter

Given the balmy temperatures and lack of snow on the ground and none in the forecast, Wendy and I took a trip to the camp today. Checking the Camp in Winter is always a bit of a worrisome trip, worrisome because on the drive to the camp, I am always figuring the worst.

Good News

I’m happy to report all was good, so far the place has been weathering the off season in good shape, let’s hope it continues. The beauty of having a camp that is located an hour from home is that you can visit it easily and come home the same day. The weather today felt more like early Spring than late January, a great day for a short road trip.

We scooted down this afternoon and we were home before supper.

Considering it is late January there is ice in the lake, but not much. It’s the kind of ice too weak to walk on, too thick to break through easily with a boat. And around the edges, at least in front of the camp, it’s open. Keeping in mind my recent post, Can I Walk On The Ice? I didn’t venture out on the ice.

I guess it’s to be expected considering the above freezing temperatures we’ve been having the past few days, but the ground underneath our feet was squishy, wet, again like a day in early Spring.
"frozen lake"
It’s nice to check the camp and have the peace of mind of knowing that it is pretty much like we left it when we closed up in the late Fall. It’s also nice to get there, and know that it isn’t too much longer before we will be opening up again for another summer season.

I think this year will be another early camp opening. Gotta love global warming and climate change…well not really, but I have to admit, it is nice not having a lot of snow and cold to deal with.

So far the plastic and plywood I used to close up the veranda for winter has stood fast, withstanding some fairly heavy winds early this winter. The wind actually blew over some heavy wharf walkways I had leaning against the deck, but the plastic held. Gotta love that. Keeps the water and weather off the deck and from our screen room.
"winter cottage"
Being at the camp today got me hankering to go for a few days, so if the weather holds, I think we’ll be having a winter camp trip for a few days soon.

What about you, checked your cottage lately?

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