"Troy Built Pack Horse Wheelbarrow

Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

Around the camp there is always something to move, to lift and carry. It might be rocks, it might be a load of topsoil or gravel for the driveway. Lots of you have garden tractors with trailers, or four wheelers etc, that you can use for lugging and moving rocks, topsoil, firewood, whatever needs moving. But what if you don’t?

I have recently discovered there is a rig called a “gas powered wheelbarrow”. I dunno where I have been, why stuff gets passed me, but this one did. I suppose I knew that there was such a thing, just never considered how useful one could be around the cottage, until now.

I thought I was ahead of the curve when I bought my little garden wagon last year. Well..as useful as that has been, it pales in comparison with a gas powered wheel barrow.

Imagine being able to move 500 pounds of “stuff” and then dump it where you want it, effortlessly. No heavy lifting like manual wheelbarrows which, regardless of how much they can carry are killers.

Manual Wheelbarrows Need Warning Labels

In fact, if you ask me, manual wheelbarrows should be required to have a warning label like cigarette packages considering the heart attacks and cardiac arrests they can potentially cause…yes….they can….remember that…I worry about you.

But not anymore, at least not if you have a gas-powered wheelbarrow. They take the lifting and pushing out of…well…lifting and pushing….

Here are a couple gas powered wheel barrows for your consideration. What do you think?

Troy Built Gas Powered Wheel Barrow

The first gas powered wheelbarrow pictured is from Troy-built. It features a hydrostatic transmission with variable speed forward and reverse, powered by a Briggs & Stratton 650 Series Engine and has a 500-pound/6 cubic foot capacity in its poly dump bed. Currently listed on Amazon for $1,299.00.
"Troy Built Pack Horse Wheelbarrow

Troy-Bilt Pack Horse 500-Pound Capacity 6 Cubic Foot 190cc Briggs & Stratton 650 Series Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

Need More oomph!!

If you like that gas powered wheelbarrow, but want something with a little more “oommph!” then you will love the features of the Muck Truck GXV Heavy-Duty Gas Powered Wheelbarrow
"muck truck"

The Creme-de-la-Creme of Gas Powered Wheelbarrows

This is the creme-de-la-creme of gas powered wheelbarrows, with unbelievable features…speaking of features, how about 4 wheel drive? Yo! You’re not going to bog down with this one.

Four wheel drive that is powered by a Honda commercial grade 5.5 horsepower GXV 160-gas engine with a Tecumseh Peerless MST200 transmission with 3 forward and 1 reverse gears and a load capacity of 550 pounds. If your cottage property has hilly, rough or muddy terrain, this is the baby for you.
"muck truck with dump body"

Muck Truck GXV Heavy-Duty 6-Cubic-Foot 550-Pound Capacity 160cc 4-Stoke Honda GXV 4WD Gas-Powered Self Propelled Dumping Wheelbarrow (CARB Compliant)

Accessories Available

In addition to the myriad of features on the Muck Truck, there are several accessories available for the Muck Truck, including a Heavy Duty Bucket Extension Attachment and a Muck Truck Adjustable Snow Plow Attachment Yup, you could potentially use gas powered wheel barrow to plow the snow out of your cottage driveway, making this an all season piece of equipment.

Four Wheel Drive

The four wheel drive Muck Truck is going to run you a bit more money to purchase, undoubtably because of the extra features such as four wheel drive, the four wheel drive Muck Truck lists on Amazon for $2650.00.

Available In 2 Wheel Drive

If four wheel drive is not necessary for your application, you can purchase a Muck Truck Bizzy 2 Wheel Drive for $1495.00.

Wouldn’t one of these make life a lot easier around the camp? I can see Wendy hauling ground for the garden, hauling firewood out of the woods, rocks for a nice rock wall…there is no end to what she could carry with one of these gas powered wheel barrows.

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