Free TV For Me !!

Well this month is coming up roses, at least so far. The weather is reasonable, especially for January, and the month is already half over, which is great, unless of course you believe that business about December 2012 being the end.

Well what will happen will happen, but in the meantime, at least for the next month, I am sequestered in the house, watching movies and HBO television series!

Yup, we had a little problem with our television cable service over the past few months which ended up leaving us without a few features we were paying for.

Free TV For Me

Well that got sorted out last week and as a form of thanks for the business, the television provider gave us the movie channels for a month, free !! Gratis!! No Charge !!

So…this all happened at the end of last week. Since we got free TV I have barely slept, trying to get in as many of the free shows as possible.

So far I have watched all of the HBO series Boardwalk, about 1930’s prohibition and the gangsters it spawned. It was a pretty good, enjoyed it.

In between episodes of Boardwalk, we’ve watched about five or six movies, and with the exception of one, The Road they were all pretty good.

The Road was alright, but seemed a rather pointless movie, it fell short of enthralling me, although, for some reason I cannot explain, it is the one that stands out in my memory so far. Maybe it was better than I thought.

Today we started on the first of several seasons of Durham County, another HBO series, this one starring Hugh Dillon.

Dillon plays Mike Sweeney, a homicide detective who moves back to his hometown with his family and gets more than he bargained for in the process. Hugh Dillon currently stars in another Canadian television cop series, Flashpoint. A little Hugh Dillon trivia, Hugh was a lead singer in the multi-platinum rock and roll band The Headstones before adding acting to his resume. Hugh Dillon is from Kingston, Ontario.
You can read about Hugh Dillon here: Hugh Dillon Biography

Where else would you learn all this fascinating stuff if I wasn’t here to tell ya?

So…if you don’t see a lot of updates to The Cotttage Chronicles, it is because I am on a watching television marathon….

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